Our Self Understanding:

The group operates sustainably, both as far as the company and its employees are concerned and in economic and ecological terms.

Our guidelines are:

  • Social competence
    We know that the loyalty and commitment of the employees is fundamental to our sustained business success. Our behaviour towards our employees is characterised by respect. This is reflected by our employees’ extraordinary loyalty to the company.
  • Reliability and honesty
    We keep our agreements and trust one another. In our business relations, we work hand in hand with our customers and bank on long-term cooperations.
  • Act responsibly towards people
    We are conscious of the need to take great responsibility, therefore the individual is always the focus of our attention. All of our actions are to the benefit of the individual and make a small contribution to a better life.
  • Protection of natural resources
    We promote the use of environmentally friendly products and renewable resources in order to make efficient use of our planets limited resources. Focusing on the welfare of people, the protection of natural resources is a particular matter of concern.
  • Market leadership through innovation
    It is important to turn visions into reality! We are eager to develop customer-oriented solutions.
  • Comprehensive expertise through knowledge
    We use our knowledge and appreciate everyone’s opinion.Our employees have very sound training and great experience due to their above-average company and industry background.

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