The Companies of
JW Holding

JW Holding GmbH is the umbrella organization of an international group of companies that has been successfully positioned in the marketplace for more than 40 years. JW Holding pools the knowledge of the subsidiaries and optimizes the multiple processes within the group.

Each operating company has expert market knowledge and the staff speak the language of their customers. The long-serving, highly experienced employees are experts in their field of activities and impress their customers by optimal solutions.

The knowledge about customers, markets and technologies flows back to headquarters and is shared with the affiliated companies and, thanks to the optimized networking, leads to market leading product and service results.

JW Holding is based in Stuttgart/Germany. The subsidiaries are located in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

The corporate group has more than 270 employees worldwide and serving customers in 60 countries.

JW Sales GmbH

Stuttgart, Germany

HN Sunlight GmbH <br>(HNSL)

Hanau, Germany<br>

G.L.E. Lichttechnische <br>Erzeugnisse GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Narva Lichtquellen <br>GmbH & Co KG

Brand-Erbisdorf, Germany

JW North America Inc.

Rockland, Massachusetts

UV Logistics (UVL)

Preston UK

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