Sun is Life

Sunbathing evokes the joy of life and new energy. However, when it comes to sunbathing it is all about the right dosage. Too much sun can cause lasting skin damage.

Tanning in a solarium provides a clear advantage over the natural sun: the solarium sun is evaluable and can be dosed correctly. This allows each individual skin type to build up a healthy tan. The application of up-to-date solarium technology allows compliance with the latest photobiological limits.

The present sound knowledge in the companies of the JW Holding about the health-promoting effects of UV radiation on humans forms the basis for the development of their tanning lamps. The latest scientific findings are continuously being incorporated into the further development of lamp technology. Thanks to the latest materials and reliable quality controls, users enjoy the highest level of safety and confidence.

You will find your partners in the field of tanning here:

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