Work in the industry

The group’s commitment goes far beyond our company interests and includes numerous honorary activities within the industry.

Founder of the company, Jörg Wolff, was chairman of the German Association of Sunlight Systems (SLS) for over 25 years. Since its founding in 1991 until 2010, Wolff was also the chairman of the Association of Sunlight Systems (FVS) and of the Academy of Tanning (AfB). He was the first chairman of the European Sunlight Association (ESA) from 2000 to 2004.

Dr. Peter Bocionek (consultant, former director R&D) was during his active time educational teacher of the Academy of Tanning (AfB) and its predecessor (retraining organization of the German Association Sunlight Systems) for years, vice-chairman of the European Sunlight Association (ESA) (2005 – 2011) and Chairman of the Technical Working Group of ESA (2000 – 2013). He was member of the executive committee of the German Academy for Photobiology and Phototechnology (DAfP), chaiman of the standards committee “Optical Radiation” at the DIN, of the working committees at the DKE “Appliances for Skin Irradiation” and “Revision IEC 61228” as well as member of the advisory board of the IEC “Biologic Effects of Optical Radiation” (TC 61/MT 16) and of diverse scientific associations like the European Society for Photobiology.

Today the JW Holding group continue to promote the work in the industry. 

Stefan Dressendörfer (CEO of JW Sales GmbH) is vice chairman of the Bundesfachverband Besonnung e.V. (BfB) und vice chairman of the European Sunlight Association (ESA). 

In addition, the subsidiaries of JW Holding are involved in the associations of their sectors and nations, thereby shape the sustainable development of the markets.

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