Research Promotion

The group is the initiator and promoter of the Light Symposium and sponsor of the international Arnold Rikli Prize. The Light Symposium focuses on the biological effects of optical radiation. It provides an opportunity to exchange information about the latest research results. So far, the symposium has taken place 6 times, alternating the venue between Switzerland and the US. It has been organised and sponsored by the group.

In the frame with the co-operation of the Jörg Wolff Foundaton with the Saarland University to support the local research about the UV-mediated vitamin D formation and the resulting protective effects for the whole human organism the so-called Light Symposium “Biologic Effects of Light” is performed successfully in Homburg/Saar (Germany) every two years since 2015. 

The Arnold Rikli Prize honours the research on the biological effects of optical radiation which have a direct impact on human medicine or provide guidelines for future research. It has been awarded since 1989. Since 2006, the prize has been awarded annually by the Jörg Wolff Foundation. The Arnold Rikli-Prize is announced in scientific journals and associations. The prize stands under the patronage of the European Society for Photobiology and the donation amounts to € 10 000.

In addition to the annual Arnold Rikli Award the Arnold Rikli sponsorship prize to the value of 5,000 Euro was announced for the first time in 2016. It is intended particularly for young photobiological scientists up to 35 years old.

Find out more about the award-winning pieces of research on the website of the Jörg Wolff Foundation

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